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  Betty Griffin House

  Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NE Florida

  Catholic Charities  

  Changing Homelessness


  Jacksonville Women’s Center

  Jacksonville Women’s Network


  Mental Health America

  Micah’s Place

  Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida


  Operation New Hope

  Riverside Avondale Preservation

  UNF Coggin College of Business

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

The most effective plans, in our experience, intentionally span these continua.  They’re also realistic, have broad buy-in, and follow a well-thought-out process in their development.

Realistic plans require an informed understanding of your customers, the market, the competitive environment, and internal organizational strengths and weaknesses.  You may have much of this at your fingertips already, or you may need help gathering it.  Either way, we work with you to make sure that it’s accessible and relevant to your planning task force.

Using a task force helps create broad buy-in for your strategic plan.  Ideally, 5-8 taskforce members come from the Board, from staff – leadership and front-line, and from other stakeholders – maybe clients or their parents, or key partners.

And, with dozens of strategic plans under our belt, we bring that well-thought-out process and structure to your task force, and adapt the process to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

A living strategy that your organization can use spans the continuum between control and learning, enduring and flexible.   Parts of your strategy, like the identity described by your vision, mission and values, need to be consistent over time and should be changed only with careful deliberation.  Other parts of your strategy, though, need to be more flexible so that your organization can learn and adapt to stay relevant and fresh.

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